About Me

Born in 1960, I'm a fifty something self proclaimed music critic. I like what I like and sometimes I impose that on others. For instance, I can't understand why my daughter likes Country Music, to me it's whiney crap. I still hang onto Vintage Rock Music, stuff from my childhood and early life. I like most Pop Music, I don't like Rap or Hip Hop. There's a saying I heard once that I really hang onto: "Every generation thinks they had the best music but my generation REALLY  did have the best".
I always wanted to play an instrument, I've tried keyboards and guitar and now I'm back to keyboards. I recently bought a Microbrute and three Volcas. These are amzing instruments but I still can't play. I even bought a mixer as I have aspirations of producing something. I just don't have the time to put in a serious effort, well actually I do but I have so many other interests there's not enough time in the day.
So, anyway, about this site. I'm going to try to showcase some of the 'new' music I've found. It's really not new but it's new to me. Most of it I discovered by accident while listening to the radio and watching Youtube and clicking on the suggested listings in the sidebar.
If you've got something you think I'd be interested in, please drop me a line, I'd like to check it out and if I really like it I'll fit it into the site somehow.

Thanks for visiting and hope to hear from you,
Reggie James